Thursday, May 10, 2007

glory spurs

around this time last year we were at fourth place looking at a place at the champions league and then suddenly, boom... that was snatched away from us in the very last match. i know that was probably only a fluke that we were even that close to being 4th, but still, it was a dissappointment losing that.

well, this year we are in a similar territory again - having full control of our destiny. if we win the last 2 games (which are at home against blackburn and man city), we will end up 5th place again, with a berth in the uefa cup.

looking back, this season's been full of up and downs for spurs - failed to win away league matches til december, flirting with the bottom half of the table, then beat chelsea at home for the first time in as many years, and afterwards, came an amazing cup runs domestically and in europe before bowing out immaturely.

judging from the roller-coaster performance of the team and a history of last-minute blunder, i am holding my breath before the final whistle was blown on saturday. but hey, as long as spurs' in europe again, i am happy, cuz my gut feeling's telling me, glory's awaiting for spurs next season.

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