Tuesday, July 17, 2007

frog face fish. hip. entrepreneur.

monday evening we dropped by to visit our entrepreneur friend mr y's soon-to-be-opened new venture - a travel-themed lounge/cafe/bar/club on wyndham st. it's a long story how we knew each other and how his idea of a brand and venture associated with "hip lifestyle" has evolved and turning into reality, but i am glad to see something's happened at last. i am sure i will write a separate blog about this once it's officially open to business.

anyway, after being amazed at the vast library of travel literature upstairs and a well-equipped private kitchen downstairs, both part of mr y's new creation that can easily rival the travel book section of page one, a gaggenau showroom or any michelin-starred restaurant, we strolled down wyndham and walked in to this funkily-named seafood restaurant and treated ourselves to a randomly pleasant monday dinner there. from the decor, you can tell the proprietor of the restaurant does have a heart and vision for doing things right. it's posh, casual chic and their logo - a fishbone - can be seen in almost anywhere from the back of the chair to the top of the ceiling. i ordered the citrus-poached salmon as first course and grilled tuna as main. both are nicely done - salmon's moist with a balanced taste (not being overtaken by the citrus sauce), while the tuna's flavorful - a bit overdone to my liking but unexpectedly good nonetheless. the other food we tried included the daily soup - which was a chilled tomato and pepper soup, salad greens with grilled shrimp, scallop ravioli and salmon tartare. all received decent acclaims from my fellow diners. we didn't order any wine but they do have a wide variety of whites - from what we saw on the other tables and what came out of the bar - which i am sure is a rarity in town yet totally consistent with its seafood theme.

it's just great to spend the time chatting with old friends, catching up with what's happening in one another's lives, enjoying the good food, and looking forward to greater things to come with this hip travel concept. resonate with my earlier thought that it's who you are with rather than what you are eating that makes a truly delightful evening of dining out. well, unfortunately we didn't take any picture of the food, but with its convenient location and reasonable price, i am sure we will go back some time.

when? july 16 2007
where? frog face fish, 43-55 wyndham street
occasion? a casual monday scroll down wyndham street
menu highlights? char-grilled tuna

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