Saturday, August 25, 2007

tasting menu of life

remember one of those occasions that you keep hearing good comments from your friends about a certain restaurant or some other interesting places that they visited? won’t that give you the urge to try it out yourselves too?

how about the true meaning of life? how about christianity? i am sure there are many people around who have been raving about it, talking about the experience in encountering god personally, about how god cares and listens and answers prayers, about how the discovery of jesus’ love and the ultimate sacrifice for us has touched their hearts and changed their lives…

well, you can think of alpha course as the tasting menu of christianity. you are always provided with the best; it’s enjoyable and never stuffy; you get a little bit of different things over a 10-course journey; every course is a surprise and they have everything to do with the essence of christian belief, the gospel message and what it has to do with every one of us.

well our church is going to host a new series of alpha in september – it’s a 10-week course, covering topics such as what christianity is about, who jesus is and why he died, etc etc. i can testify it's a great value for time when i joined some 5 years ago, changed me from doubting to knowing and growing with the desire to know more.

the first session is going to start on september 18, and more information can be found here or downloaded from here.

just as you can't fairly comment the quality of a restaurant before you even went there once, i challenge everyone to give alpha a try, and you won’t regret the experience no matter what you can get out of it.

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