Monday, May 26, 2008

nha trang

after several episodes of feeling let down by not able to find a table at nha trang in central/soho - seems like the place's always packed no matter what time we go - we decided to settle with its wanchai branch, hidden away on the almost-forgotten queen's road east, just to give it a try to see what the fuss is all about.

its decor is nice - not in any common, rustic style like many local vietnamese restaurants around town but reminds me more of a french bistro - and the plates and bowls bearing the restaurant's name and logo certainly add a touch of class.

hmm, but for the more important part - food, the verdict's quite mixed. i personally like the lotus root salad with shrimp and baked black cod, but the beef brisket curry and pho are rather dissappointing. both the soup base and the curry lack flavor. we were quite surprised that the pho wasn't served with the usual bowl of condiments, nor fish and hoisin sauces like most southern pho places do (forget what i said if you can't tell the difference between northern and southern pho) oh well, since i have never been to vietnam... perhaps that's how pho in nha trang is served... what do i know anyway, but still, i suppose i can tell a good pho from a not-so-good one. so now you know.

nha trang is definitely not vietnamese cuisine at its finest, but i suppose it's a decent place just to chill, catch up with friends or for one of those days you wanna have a simple dinner with your loved one without spending a fortune. but then, there are dozens of places around hongkong that you can do the same.

when? may 23 2008
where? nha trang, 2/f wu chung house, 213 queen's road east, wanchai
occasion? nothing special
menu highlights? lotus root salad with shrimp
drinks? saigon beer

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