Friday, January 30, 2009

10 things that happened during chinese new year

10. Found our wallet bleeding from giving out laisee money as more and more friends are having kids…

9. Eat, eat and eat; one day I found myself having already had three meals before noon.

8. Watching “Marley and Me”, and while I kept looking at my watch thinking why this crappy movie seems like never end, our friends were down to tears.

7. Eating all kinds of “go’s” in all kinds of places – from church to 17A to in-laws’ place to friend’s home…. Now I felt sick even hearing the words “lor bat go”.

6. Enjoying an afternoon of karaoke and gossips over dinner with friends – see how loving we are!

5. Watching yet another meaningless movie and saw how history (at least the version we knew) was tweaked and twisted to suit the director’s own liking.

4. A couple golf games on our extended days off – we hit the green while most people were already back to work – and knowing that felt real good.

3. Watching my favorite football team won only their sixth game this season against an even more pathetic opponent on TV.

2. Meant to prepare a simple meal for friends at 17A; ended up having 8 dishes for the evening.

1. Felt depressed realizing that there’s no more public holidays in all of February and March, but also excited as our UK vacation is inching closer.

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