Monday, September 27, 2010


This new restaurant serves the best sausage in town. Enough said.

Portabello - stuffed with mixed mushrooms (portabello, champignons, porcini), caramelized onions and sage. Served on signature BRAT bun, dijon mustard, and some extra caramelized onions as condiment. This is what I ordered - everything's great - except I can certainly live with more mustard and more condiments. The more the better.

This place's in Soho (and the lower part of Elgin). Here's their website: They called themselves "Purveyor of Awesome Sausages" and deservedly so. If you are sausage lovers like us, don't just come, RUN to this place before words got out. I bet soon enough it will be swamped with people.

when? September 25 2010
where? brat, 7 elgin street, hong kong
menu highlights? sausages! more than 10 to choose from.

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