Saturday, June 22, 2013

10 Commandments for Le Creuset Pots

There are all kinds of pages and sites in facebook that I am part of, and one of them is called "Friends of Le Creuset". Well it's good to see so many people love their colorful, versatile cast iron pots, but it's also jaw-dropping to see many people didn't have a clue how to care for them or maximize their potential, while keep on bragging about the many pots they "captured" and kept in mint condition - forever.

Somehow I felt sad seeing that. It's like a displaying in your living room a trophy that you never won, or talking about travel stories that you never experienced, or driving a Ferrari and never got off first gear on the street. And it doesn't do the pots any justice either - they are far better than just a colorful piece of your kitchen trophy cabinet.

Anyway, here is something I wrote but didn't dare post on the group, for the sad people. 

Le Creuset Pots - The 10 Commandments

1. Take the sticker off the pots and pans before you start cooking! Would you walk around in a suit with the tag still on the jacket sleeves?

2. It's a disgrace to think everything taste better when cooked in a cast iron pot - don't fool yourselves, your instant noodles with fried eggs and spam still taste the same whichever pots you cooked that in.

3. There's absolutely no difference in quality whatever color the pot is. You don't need 10 pots of the same size and shape with different colors.

4. Use me, not buy and then brag on facebook how many pots you have in the cabinet that were never been used. This is a piece of cookware not a piece of art, and is appreciated by being utilized not just being looked at or certainly not cuddled in your sleep.

5. Don't put the pots on high heat! Repeat after me - don't put the pots on high heat.

6. Cast Iron pots can't be used in a microwave. Stoneware can't be used on stove top. If you don't know the difference between cast iron and stoneware, give your pots and pans to someone that does.

7. If someone ask you what's so good about the pots? Don't just say you like their colors, please.

8. Don't put the plastic knob in the oven over 190C. Change to a stainless steel knob (and now you know it's not just to "add some shine to your cookware", as described on their company's website. Shame on them for being so superficial like the amateurs)

9. If you can only have one cast iron pot, buy the oval french oven. You will know what I meant if you need to cook the whole chicken for coq au vin. And by the way, they are probably the only one who would call the pot "French Oven" while it's more commonly known as the "Dutch Oven". Just thought you wanna know.

10. Did I mention you need to take the stickers off your pots and pans before using? You have no idea how many pictures I saw of people showing off their food masterpiece in a pot with the sticker still on. Silly.


Anonymous said...

Somebody takes this Le Creuset say stuff way too serious. I wasn’t sure whether to remove the sticker or not because it appeared to be an integral part of the pot. No I don’t leave my labels on my suit but we all know it’s a Le Creuset pot when we buy it so why do they have to put a bloody sticker on it anyway. My life is a little too busy and I have a lot more important things to do then memorize the 10 Commandments of Le Creuset cookware. You people just need to get over yourselves.

gary s said...

Well, this was meant to be a satire post... =)


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