Saturday, April 5, 2014

A short one on FINDS - Restaurant Week Menu

Another restaurant we managed to try out for the first time during the Restaurant Week was FINDS in TST. We went for lunch on a Sunday after church service just right next door.

FINDS is one of the few restaurants in town specializing in Nordic cuisine. The Restaurant Week menu was essentially an abbreviated version of their tasting menu, celebrating some of the better known regional dishes with a fancy touch.The restaurant is located on the first floor of a boutique hotel on Kimberley, and we were impressed at the spacious dining area, with a huge bar in the middle, and the minimalist decor.

I started off with their signature appetizer of "salmon served six-way" - presented in different shape of form, including smoked, seared, pickled, and as mousse, gravlax and roes. Well at first I found a few of them look similar, wondering this is one of those dishes that sounds better than it tastes, but actually the tastes were quite different and I did quite enjoy the dish, especially the gravlax. Of course I wouldn't mind if the chef can make it even more dramatic, offering more contrast in taste and texture, or be a little more playful with sauces and seasonings.

Outside of gravlax, meatballs were perhaps the most well-known dish in Sweden to the outside world, though I had the feeling it's almost as cliche as thinking we Chinese eat sweet and sour pork every day. The version here was a predictable one, but everything was well-cooked and I found nothing wrong with it, though I probably could do just as well at home with such straight forward set of ingredients and cooking methods.

Daim is a Swedish chocolate bar (and one of my favorite sweets) with crunchy butter almond coated in milk chocolate. The dessert was a re-make of sort based on the chef's interpretation, with vanilla icecream coated in crushed almond on top of butter caramel sauce, completed with a splash of chocolate sauce in the middle and a meringue. While it's not as sweet and crunchy as the original version, it's delicious with lovely presentation.

Outside of the food, ambiance was what we enjoyed most about this restaurant. It's hard to find a place in TST that's quiet and comfortable to eat on a Sunday afternoon, but FINDS was spacious and relaxed. I don't mind sitting there by the window all day long, just staring at the busy street downstairs with flocks of mainland tourists swamping out there...

When? March 2 2014
Where? FINDS Restaurant & Bar, 1/F The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberley Road, TST, Kowloon
Menu Highlights? "Daim" Parfait

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