Monday, November 13, 2017

Reminiscent of Yester-year

I felt like going back to the college days when I walked into Morty's Deli in Wanchai with the familiar American diner décor and 90's and 00's music playing in the background. I walked by the restaurant a few times before but this is only my first visit - this time at the invitation of the restaurant and their PR team.

Its menu came with the usual New York-style deli fare and a few additional casual dishes. We started with the Reuben sandwich, with slices of house-made pastrami in between rye toasts along with cheese, dressing and sauerkraut. I knew I just came back from the Kosher-land just a week or so ago, but I still want some good pastrami, and I thought the meat was well-cooked with a mild smoky flavor.  The short rib poutine may have been borrowed from the (nicer) neighbor in the north border, but I always like my fries with gravy (something I took from my adopted hometown) so it's perfect for me with this version served with bits of sous-vide short ribs for that extra bite.

We would have been happy with just the reuben sandwich and the poutine (and bacon) and call it a night, but we also shared the BBQ pork ribs as our main course. Well there's no surprise here with the baby back ribs smothered with the sweet BBQ sauce and corn bread on the side (the cornbread is on flaky side while I preferred it softer)

Desserts were the bomb, especially the chocolate chip cookie sundae, and they were kind enough to split the milkshakes into mini-version for us to share. Milkshake and Root Beer (which I had with my food) were definitely the drink of choice for me whenever I am in a restaurant like this - they even gave us extra maraschino cherries which I adore! All were good, just like the old days hanging out in a diner with casual comfort food in the middle of the night.

When? October 23 2017
Where? Morty's Delicatessen, 8-10 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Reuben Sandwich: Slow Smoked Pastrami, Swiss Cheese, Thousand Island Dressing & Sauerkraut on House Rye Toast

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