Thursday, June 28, 2018

Trying Something New

I didn’t expect the restaurant would be full when I made a booking for lunch at Chun, the Chinese restaurant at the new MGM Cotai hotel right next door from where we were staying, so glad that we did. After 2 spectacular meals at the City of Dreams complex right across the street, I figure it’s a good idea to check out something new before we headed back home, and MGM Cotai is the newest addition to this area at the time of our visit (since then, the Zaha Hadid-design Morphus has just opened its door 2 weeks after)

The restaurant is interestingly set in the “open lobby” inside the shopping area attached to the hotel, sharing the space with another dessert cafĂ©. With the high ceiling, sky-roof and the light installations that simulate natural lighting, we did feel like dining al fresco when we were seated at the table near to the entrance, except there’s air-conditioning keeping us comfortable (Thank God there is!)

Still feeling stuffed from the dinner the night before and the breakfast we had in the morning, we only managed a few dim sum dishes to share plus a couple items from their a la carte menu. While I don’t believe the dishes matched those of the very top ones around this area (a feat very hard to achieve anyway), they were nonetheless decent. My favorite one was the steamed vegetarian dumpling, wrapped in diamond shape with spinach and shiitake mushroom fillings. I also enjoyed the baked char siu buns with Iberico pork filling, which was extra fatty and delicious inside the freshly baked buns.

Having tried the hot and sour soup the day before, this time I opted for a lighter soup with spinach, crab meat and bamboo pith. I could live with a tad bit more seasonings or a richer broth base but it was comforting. To finish, we only managed to share a plate of fried noodles plus a couple of dessert dimsum dishes. The noodles were the crispy type with shiitake mushroom, shredded roast goose meat and bean sprouts, a simple dish that can be found about any Cantonese restaurant but they did it reasonably well, served with a bowl of superior broth on the side.

Reckon this is a good one to try especially if you happened to be in the area.

When? May 20 2018
Where? Chun, MGM Cotai, Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau
Menu Highlights? Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings with Spinach and Shiitake Mushroms

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