Monday, May 16, 2016

Top Morning Market? What?

One place we sorta regret of making a detour for was the Yobuko Morning Market (呼子の朝市) at the northern tip of Saga Prefecture. According to the guidebook, it's one of the "Top 3 Morning Markets" in Japan with street vendors lining up the entire block selling seafood and other fresh or prepared food produce, with many literally just unloaded off the fishing boat onto the dork at the port every morning. So we decided to take a look before we head down to Arita in the south.

Since we were told the market action was at its prime before 10, we made plan to have breakfast at our ryokan at Karatsu early so we could get to Yobuko before 10am. True, there were a handful of stalls open but it's hardly a lively market. Maybe because of the wind and rain, or maybe because the fishermen's taking a break for golden week holiday, who knows.

There were a number of stalls selling squids, either fresh or cured overnight; some stalls were selling seafood, both fresh or prepared. There was an old lady with a whole bucket of fresh sea urchins - we were so tempted to just buy the whole lot and started eating right there! But to be honest, that's about it, and there were only a handful of people walking around, mostly locals doing their daily grocery.

But I guess every cloud has a silver lining. We left the market earlier than planned and made an extra stop at Hado Misaki, at the north-most tip of the Kyushu Island. There we stopped by a yatai stall by the coast and enjoyed some simple snacks of Sazae (horned turban) caught off the coast and charcoal-grilled inside their own shells, before we headed down to the town of Imari for more food – this time, at a yakiniku restaurant serving the famous Imari Beef.

Well I suppose that's part of life of travel experience - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This time, I guess it's a draw.

When? April 28 2016
Where? Yakiniku-kan Sho, 165-367 Otsubocho Otsu, Imari, Saga Prefecture, Japan
焼肉館 勝(伊万里店)佐賀県伊万里市大坪町白野165-367

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