Saturday, December 22, 2007

a great evening

嘩! 原來係握手位嚟架!

[jan 08] after thought: oh, that's posted after watching the gigi concert. here's one of the pictures posted by somebody in a public forum - courtesy of

Sunday, December 9, 2007

fantasy ceo

i know i have been slacking with blogging lately...

recently in one of my classes, we have to participate in this business simulation game called capsim. basically it's a computer-based simulation game, in which you play the ceo of a manufacturing company. during the game, you need to make strategic decisions on different aspects of the business, including r&d, marketing, finance, manufacturing, human resources and quality control. and the computer will play the roles of your competitor companies, and simulate the results for each year/round based on the decisions you made.

so essentially this is a fantasy ceo game, and your success is measured by a number of indicators - including stock price, market capitalization, roa, ros, profit, etc... basically a balanced score card approach.

so far we are already into the 8th and final round. you may think what's the big deal - it's just a homework assignment... but you have no idea how much time my classmates are willing to spend trying to do well and beat out others. as for myself, i did find it kinda fun and exciting, and i've been lucky enough to do decently well - not the best, but definitely good enough to pass the course. ha ha.

this easily is one of the most enjoyable courses in the entire program. thanks ted!