Friday, November 7, 2008


with the michelin guide 2009 for hong kong and macau coming out in less than a month, let me on the record have my own share of prediction to what i think will be (and not be) on the list (with my random thoughts):

3 stars:
gaddi’s – no brainer. that would definitely make david goodridge one of the youngest chefs at a michelin 3-star restaurant.
robuchon a galera (macau) – quoting this blog, “if… robuchon a galera aren’t top ranked (in michelin guide), i’ll eat my hat.”. well, i will eat with him.

2 stars:
caprice – people think they are of 3-star caliber, but i am still not convinced they will be rated above le cinq, their “sister restaurant” at paris’ hotel george v.
m at the fringe – a toss between a one or a two – but i am a bit biased here.
pierre – last time we tried it’s awesome, so i won’t be surprised if they do better than getting 2 stars. i put it here because i think hong kong will only get two 3-star restaurants at most.
yan toh heen – putting myself in those judges’ shoes, i think they would pick this as the best chinese restaurant in town, whether i necessarily agree or not.

1 star:
yung kee – just the fame of the restaurant itself deserve that one star. and they ought to put some more chinese restaurants in the list to please us, right?
lei garden - right move in opening one in ifc for raising its profile's sake
forum restaurant
don alfonso 1890 (macau)
l’atelier de joël robuchon
one harbor road
mandarin grill
celestial court
cuisine cuisine

biggest bust:
nobu – even its hugely popular new york branch lost its star a couple years ago, i don’t see why they can have it over here.
amber – hmm… richard ekkebus never impresses me much.
felix - world's best restaurant? well coolest, maybe... but best? NO!
those h restaurants in central - harlan who?
fook lam moon – the omission of this restaurant will certainly have the local critics crying foul, but i just don’t think they are good enough.

but "most of the restaurants i picked are in hotels!", you may ask. but don't think that will count for or against the ratings that much. most of the restaurants in the vegas guide are hotel restaurants anyway.

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