Monday, December 27, 2010

Repeat Business - Bombana Part 2

It's extremely rare that we lavished ourselves in upscale dining in quick succession, but a couple nights after Amber we were sitting in Bombana's dining room at Otto e Mezzo yet again, this time with my college buddies. With the white truffle season on-going and the newly acclaimed 2-michelin stars to show forth, it's not easy to score a reservation at this restaurant but we were glad that a last-minute cancellation by someone else cleared us off the waitlist for a table.

The restaurant's already full of ppl when we arrived - most of whom looked like they are coming for some corporate functions, then a few couples and us - party of six. I suppose that's typical of a Monday evening. Mr Bombana's mingling around the dining room as usual, chatting with guests and preparing the still-in-season white truffle dishes by the table - he ought to be more than pleased looking at the buzzing dining room on what is usually the slowest night of the week for restaurant business.

Glancing through the familiar menu and wine list - we came here for dinner a few weeks ago - I decided to bypass the degustation menu this time and opted for something simpler. I started with tagliatelle with lobster and cherry tomatoes and move on to the main course of osso bucco with saffron risotto. I had a similar dish a month ago - only last time it was angelhair instead of tagliatelle, and by choosing to repeat that probably tells my fondness towards this pasta dish. In my opinion, no one does Italian meat dishes better than Bombana, and this classic dish of osso bucco is without a doubt the best in town. It's meaty and juicy and goes so well with the creamy, flavorful and perfectly-cooked risotto. Our friends mr and mrs y ordered the grilled rib-eye. The menu said it's good for 2 but in my opinion it can easily serve 3 or 4 average person - hence we were able to steal a bite from them, and it is amazing.

I also loved the Super Tuscan that we picked - a non-traditional Merlot-Syrah-Sangiovese blend gave this wine a berry-forward palate with good smooth tannin not very typical of its young age. Easy-drinking and goes well with the meat dishes we had. We didn't find anything interesting from the dessert menu, so instead we went back to our place for a dose of homemade ice-cream - a scope each of darjeeling and espresso flavors - my interpretation of "yin-yang" as a perfect nightcap to bring this Monday evening to a conclusion.

Well, of course white truffle is the ingredient of choice when it came to the right time at this restaurant, but surely for the rest of the year, as we found out this evening, there are still plenty of reasons to come here more regularly, whether for an elaborate celebration, or just a run for a simple, comforting Italian meal. Either way, Bombana is certainly our choice.

when? December 6 2010
where? 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Alexandra House, Central
occasion? Gathering with Friends
menu highlights? Osso Bucco with saffron risotto
drinks? 2008 Gaja Ca'marcanda Promis

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