Thursday, December 31, 2015

Signing off 2015

Signing off 2015 with a collage of all the food memories throughout the year, as this has became kind of my tradition taking a trip back the memory lane for the past 12 months.

As I slowly looked back, through the many posts here, the Twitter feeds, Instagram posts and Flickr albums, I found myself blessed with wonderful experiences especially in the area of eating and traveling. The 4-month sabbatical from work obviously helped. There were new country (Vietnam), new regions (Tohoku and Koyasan, Japan) and new cities (Liverpool and Ho Chi Minh City) that I got a chance to travel to, and there were old places that I managed to spend more quality time in (London, Paris, Kyoto), which gave me a whole new perspective of appreciation. Not to mention the many new restaurants that I got to try, here in Hong Kong and in many places around the world.

Some may ask which would be my best meal of the year. It's rather hard to say, but the two meals prepared by Chef Massimo Bottura in two separate pop-up events (in Milan and Singapore) were probably the more memorable ones.

It's also time to mention meals that for one reason or the other didn't get covered in the blog, and I thought the dinner at Mr and Mrs Fox was the most remarkable. Not only is that the most exciting restaurant opening in my neighborhood, I was pretty impressed with the decor, atmosphere and most importantly the dishes that we got to try, from the seafood platter to the salt-baked fish and the beef and the baked Alaska at the end. Everything was just spot-on. Didn't know why I didn't post the dinner at all - but there you have it now.

I also took a peek at the statistics compiled by Blogspot/Google which hosted this blog, and the most-read post for 2015 goes to the dinner at a small sushi joint in Tokyo called Sushi Takumi Shingo. I have to say the meal was quite spectacular and I am glad many have enjoyed reading through my dining experience there too.

Now looking forward to 2016... I will be happy even if it's going to be half as good as 2015!

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