Sunday, September 3, 2017

Another New Sushi Place

Seems like there's a constant stream of sushi restaurants coming and going in the rather crowded field of Causeway Bay and Sushi Tsuboni represented one of the latest entries joining the frenzy. Located up inside the new V-Point Building on the buzzling Yiu Wa Street, the restaurant features a contemporary design with a well-lit and spacious dining area with a gorgeous harbor view, unlike many other sushi restaurants which has a cozier ambiance.

I was there a couple of weeks ago with some friends, sitting at the bar counter for their omakase dinner menu prepared for us by Chef Michael. The menu followed the traditional order, starting with appetizers in tasting portion, followed by sashimi courses, a few cooked dishes, sushi, then soup and dessert. I personally found the second course of "creative sashimi" especially delightful, with the thick slices of fatty tuna (toro) slightly torched and served with a yuzu-miso-egg yolk sauce and caviar on top, combining the fatty oily fish flavor with the refreshing sauce with hint of citrus acidity. Yuzu came in for another course, this time a cooked fish dish with grilled tuna cheek served with a yuzu soy glaze. I love the rich taste of this too.

We finished with a few nigiri sushi using seasonal ingredients. My favorite was the akagai sushi (ark shell) – fresh, crunchy, and served with a light brush of soy sauce. The uni (sea urchin) sushi was beautifully made too, served nigiri style topped with plenty of shiro-uni on top. The sake we had was lovely too – the special edition of Hitakami Junmai Daiginjo Nakatori was made with the Special Grade A Yamadanishiki rice commissioned by the brewery and grinded down to 40%, for a rich but well-balanced flavor, which went really well with the dishes we had.

Overall I thought the food was decent, right on par with others with the similar caliber in this neighborhood, but the open space did make it especially great for dinner with a bigger group, and the lunch menu at this price level in this area would be hard to beat.

(Dinner was by Invitation)

When? August 9 2017
Where? Sushi Tsubomi,
Menu Highlights? Toro with Yuzu-Miso Sauce
Drink? Hitakami Nakatori Junmai Daiginjo, Hirako Shuzo, Miyagi Prefecture
日高見 中取り純米大吟醸 - 宮城県 平孝酒造

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