Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Juicy Meat Feast

Just to prove a point that omnivore diet is still pretty much in style and being the front and center of our current food trend, the all-you-can-eat beef feast at Rhoda on a Wednesday night was filled to capacity the moment tickets went on sale a few weeks ago (gone within days after details of the event was posted, we were told). De la Valley is a new meat purveyor in town trying to bring in artisan steaks from various producers in South America directly to restaurants and retail customers so they collaborated with Chef Nate Green’s Rhoda for this special, one-night-only menu to introduce many of their meats.

The open kitchen (and the grill behind) was already stacked with steaks of all kinds with Chef Nate’s team busy working on them when I arrived at the restaurant early evening. Soon enough the restaurant was stacked with eager diners too filling up every table and every seats at the bar counter. Beef was brought in on free-flowing basis with plates after plates of various cuts until you asked them to stop – think of this like a high-end churrasco-style meal – so we literally ate til we dropped.

Throughout the evening we managed to try a few different cuts, all imported from Argentina using grass-fed cows. The prime ribs were cut slightly thicker than usual and served with a generous splash of meat jus. It has an intense flavor and super tender texture – reckon this would not only make perfect dinner main course but also breakfast and lunch (as sandwich, for example, or classic Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding) The tomahawk was my another favorite – grilled on open fire for the delicious crust with the tender meat underneath and the huge bones on the side, it has just the right fat balance and I loved those fatty part right next to the bone. With so many meats they need to deal with for the night, I was impressed at the team of doing a great job of keeping the consistency and all the dishes served to us were perfectly cooked.

A number of sides were served on unlimited basis too – all cooked rustic style and brought to our table in family-style bowls to share – so sumptuous that our friend at the table mentioned this is almost like Thanksgiving. Well, I hear you buddy. Of all the appetizers I love the corn and harissa most with the combination of the sweet corns and the exotic flavor of harissa. I also liked the bowl of chilies with mild heat but loaded with southern seasonings. Just wish I had more room for those in the midst of the meat plates that flew in non-stop.

Well turned out meat was not the only juicy bit at our table that evening – plenty of gossips and interesting conversations went around too, and the meat and beer definitely fuel these on as the evening progressed. Just what everyone needed on a stormy rainy weeknight.

(Dinner was by invitation)

When? July 18 2018
Where? Rhoda, 345 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Steak!
De La Valley:

P.S. A week ago Rhoda has announced its closure at its current location in early September. So guess that's also my farewell meal to this place.

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