Monday, September 2, 2019

Long Table Lunch

(Almost ) the same group went for a repeat of weekend lunch at Caprice a couple of weeks ago, this time with even more people. The restaurant was kind enough to arrange the private dining room for us - that's the only table that could seat 12 anyway - and Chef Guillaume Galliot offered to customize our menu with a mix of his signature dishes and a few new ones on the upcoming seasonal a la carte menu.

Always felt special whenever I set foot into the private room at Caprice, located at the far end of the restaurant with a long table in the center, leather couches on one end and a window facing the harbor on the other. We began a few amuse-bouche bites (served in a fancy jewelry box) followed by the  chef's signature dish of king crab and Gillardeau oyster served with crustacean jelly underneath and caviar on top. We have had a few different combinations of such at the restaurant a few times but never got tired of it, with the perfect mix of refreshing umami flavor.

Then we moved on to our first course of tuna belly and that was amazingly good. Cooked tuna dish could be one that will make or break your heart - do it right you got this truly elegant dish with intense flavor and texture; do it slightly wrong you would end up with something dry and taste like a cardboard. And this one was one of the best I have ever tried. From the appearance it's easy to have mistaken it as a piece of wagyu tenderloin, with the seared crust and redish meat inside. And the meat was super tender and juicy and well marinated. "Just took the best part of a tuna caught in Basque region, cut and sear on a pan!", Chef Guillaume shrugged and said as-a-matter-of-factly when I asked him how it's prepared a few weeks later. Wish it was just that simple. And the wedge of peach on top and the creamy coconut sauce underneath added to the tropical flavor well suited in summer time.

For main course we had duck done in the classical way. Challans Duck from Maison Burgaud was roasted with the breast carved into thin slices and served au jus. On the side it's cherries, almond and baby beetroots. Not so much a surprise as the tuna dish but it's well executed nonetheless. Always a delight seeing the cheese platter (served on a wooden plank) brought in, and this time the highlights were the St Felicien and Munster from Vosges, both from cow's milk with strong flavor.

Dessert was described as "Caramel Mousse, Peanut Nougat and Grand Cru Chocolate Cremeux" on the menu, but in layman's words, a deconstructed Snickers bar. I love everything with caramel so I definitely ain't complaining.

Thought a white works perfect for the earlier course so went for a well-made Muscadet. Developed nicely in the bottle with a nice sweet aroma but dry notes with a hint of citrus acidity on the palate. Good on its own or with our first few courses.

Perhaps we should make this post-church posh lunch a regular thing...

More photos:

When? August 18 2019
Where? Caprice, Level 6, Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Tuna Belly from Basque Region, Provence Peach and Coconut Sauce
Drink? 2012 Domain de l'Ecu Taurus AOC Muscadet Sevre et Maine

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