Thursday, November 28, 2019

Weekday Buffet

I always considered the breakfast buffet at The Blue Bar at Four Seasons Hong Kong the best in town, so I was as happy to drop by during the day a couple of weeks ago when they introduced a few new dishes at the lunch buffet at the same place.

The set-up was more or less the same as how the food was served in the morning – at the long bar counter was the array of cold dishes with savory appetizers on one end, and the sweet desserts on the other. At the corner there was the drink station with juices which came as part of the menu, and further back at the long table was where the hot dishes were served. In the middle there’s also a noodle counter offering bowl of Asian noodles made to order. Similar to what it’s like in all hotel buffet restaurants in town but it’s smaller and cozier in scale, but definitely sufficient in terms of choices.

The cold cuts and chilled seafood were definitely my favorite appetizer, with plenty of choices from jamon iberico, chorizo and anchovies to king crab leg and cherrystone clams. There’s also a small selection of sashimi and sushi – which reminded me of those served at their executive lounge upstairs. In terms of main dishes, the highlight was what’s being served on the roast cart, with a choice of beef tenderloin or grilled salmon. Dim Sum was also a worthy choice, with a couple items available each day, done Lung King Heen quality.

While they may not have as many pastry selection as they were in the morning, it’s more than compensated by a wide choices of desserts instead, from the mini cakes to macarons to bread pudding to seasonal fruit tarts. There’s also scoops of housemade icecream that were passed around. I could totally make a meal out of the sweets alone.

A decent choice for something easy and nice in this area for someone with an appetite.

(Meal was by invitation)

When? November 19 2019
Where? Blue Bar, Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Hong Kong

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