Sunday, February 7, 2021

Last Day of Freedom

It just seems appropriate that I commemorate my last day of freedom (for a while – at least that’s the plan) with a lush breakfast at the Landmark Mandarin. Among many places that offer decent, proper breakfast in town, Somm at Landmark Mandarin stood out as the venue with a cozy and sleek ambiance with food and drink slightly different than the others. 

The prix fixe breakfast came with just about everything – sweet and savory dishes, hot and cold drinks plus glass of bubbly to start. Their house pour of the Blanc de Noirs from a grower domaine was forward on acidity and hint of apple made it an easy choice to start any morning with, while munching on the small “bowl” of cherries as our amuse-bouche of sorts. The coffee brewed on filter in a Chemex jug was perfect for days I wanted something milder than the espresso based one (and good for a fancy Instagram post too) I went for their recommendation of cold-pressed booster juice and thought they got the perfect balance in terms of flavor with more orange than carrot plus a hint of ginger – just the way I preferred. 

I always appreciate a properly done Eggs Benedict cuz I never managed to do half as good at home, and this one is the even fancier version with shaved black truffles and crispy jamon bellota on top. I would prefer more of the hollandaise sauce on top of the poached eggs but the dish was still delicious overall. The sweet dish of Banana pancakes was lovely, done Japanese souffle pancake style (rather than the traditional flat version) and served with plenty of sweets – caramelized bananas, sugar-toasted pecan nuts, Okinawan Kuromitsu with a hint of yuzu. My sweet tooth approved and the portion was generous too. 

I am sure I am going to miss this the most – just being slow and easy on a weekday morning – and it’s so good to be able to do this while I still can.

When? January 29 2021
Where? Somm at The Landmark Mandarin Hong Kong, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Banana Pancakes with Toasted Pecan Nuts, Dark Okinawa Sugar Syrup and Yuzu
Drinks? Domaine Bruno and Christiane Olivier Blanc De Noirs NV

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