Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Poetic Menu

I was scratching my head when I first saw our menu at Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira recently. With the poetic and somewhat cryptic names, Chef Edwin didn’t give away much what we were going to have at a dinner at the restaurant a few weeks ago. 

But I guess that’s part of the fun. It’s been a long while since I last ate here, and I was glad the hotel invited me over to check out their new menu. We began with a chilled appetizer of scallop served with yellow pepper sauce served on its shell. I personally thought the dish was better served steamy hot, but the seasoning was on-point and I love the spicy kick of the pepper relish on top. One couldn’t go wrong with the double-boiled soup prepared with ingredients such as fish maw and conch, but the addition of goji berries and edible dried golden orchids gave the soup a hint of sweetness and soothing flavor as well. 

The giant striped prawn was an interesting one, baked with a brush of egg yolk sauce on top and served with rose jam and muesli at the bottom. Reminded me of the Singaporean style cereal prawn, but this one has a pleasant floral aroma from the rose petals, and sweet from the dried fruits present in the muesli contrasting that of the rich salted egg yolk flavor. 

What listed on the menu as “Princess in a heavenly pool” turned out to be steamed baby cuttlefish with caviar, morel mushrooms and dried fruits served on a bed of mild soy sauce. Couldn’t quite get the artistic concept between the name and the dish, but nonetheless it was tasty – I especially enjoyed the bouncy texture of the cuttlefish. We continued with another cuttlefish dish, this time, the mashed cuttlefish meatballs wrapped in Chinese cabbage and served in a thick gravy sauce and peach gum. I love the colorful presentation and the unique combination. 

Fried rice with picked crab meat was probably not the most creative dishes of the evening, but I like the addition of wild rice giving it a bit of a crunchy texture, and the mix-in of the crab bisque to the rice to give the dish a richer flavor and a nice golden color. Crème Brulee was not a conventional Chinese dessert, but the dried mandarin peel mixed into the custard gave this a Cantonese touch and the slight bitterness balanced well with the sweetness.

(Dinner was by invitation)

When? March 29 2021
Where? Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira, 118-130 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
Menu Highlights? Double-boiled Fish Maw and Conch Soup 

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