Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Just Don't Use the G Word

I won't necessarily call this "glamping" per se as I didn't see the glam part, but rather a sleepover in a simple caravan parked on a lawn, when a group of friends spent a night near Kam Tin at a "campsite" called Park Nature a couple of months ago during the July 1 long weekend. 

With everyone stuck in town these days even venues like this became crazily sought after, with the waiting list extended for well over 3 months especially during summer peak season and public holidays. What I like about Park Nature is its convenient location, just a quick 30 minutes away on mostly highway traffic and the parking lot is right next to the site, saving us trouble of much walking and lifting of luggage and belongings from our car. 

The campsite featured basic facilities, with 10 or so caravans scattered around with some can sleep up to 6, and there's reasonable distance between each unit to ensure some privacy and space for each group. A few friends brought their dogs along and they got plenty of space to run around, and there's a "pet park" right next door with a swimming pool, grooming studio, shop and cafe too. 

Our caravan was pretty basic, just good for us two with a small toilet/bathroom, pantry (good for boiling water and cup of noodles but probably nothing more), TV and bed, reminded me of those smallest room in the cruise ship and something that's acceptable for overnight stay. 

The place would have been a good starting point for hiking as there's a few trails running through the area, but again, we thought mid-summer is probably not the best time for such. We felt the same about barbecue on-site, so instead, we opted for dinner at the Thai restaurant just next door inside a glasshouse with outdoor seating area. Got this resort-like, casual vibe and an extensive menu of classic Southeast Asian dishes - my favorite being the curry crabs which came in good portion and lovely flavor. 

I wish there's a cafe nearby where we could do breakfast, but only thing they got is breakfast served in a takeaway paper box and delivered from the pet cafe next door. Felt like an overpriced McD-style Big Breakfast sans the coffee. Better than nothing, I guess. 

So overall, it's the company that mattered most and it was fun just chilling. And I probably don't mind coming back for a quick stay again, maybe in the cooler months when we can do some hiking during the day, and barbecue and star-gazing at night. 

Web: www.parknature.com.hk

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