Saturday, October 23, 2021

Quickie Meal

Roganic is definitely my first choice when we wanted a quick, no-fuss lunch – their business lunch menu got you in and out in slightly over an hour with three solid courses. With the whole long weekend of non-stop eating (National Day weekend), that’s exactly what we wanted on a Saturday afternoon, a 
reprieve of gluttony, so to speak. 

Place was packed, unsurprisingly so given the location and consistent quality of their cooking. The business lunch menu was the shortest they offered in addition to the two more elaborate tasting menus available during the day time service. The menu was almost like an a la carte with choices of 3 different dishes in each of the starter, main and dessert courses. 

Thought I went for the lightest starter course of all with the pineapple tomatoes but the portion still turned out to be huge. In the middle of the plate was a large piece of fruit tomato, and on the side, there were a couple pieces of brined smoked mussels plus dill espuma and tomato water. The mussels were firm with good mineral flavor, and the tomato was refreshing and almost candy-like sweet. Soda bread is something I would come specifically for, served with the equally addictive whipped brown butter, both of which I finished in no time. 

Sticking with the light theme and went with fish as main course. A straight-forward one with a piece of sea bream fish fillet grilled and served with poached potatoes and grilled young leek on the side with a creamy sauce infused with lovage. The sour cream in the sauce give it a nice texture and touch of acidity, combining well with the firm and balanced fish fillet. Very solid effort. Went with the whipped yoghurt for my dessert and it came with a butter crisp and quenelle of yogurt ice-cream on top. Could live with a more proper portion dessert – this one looked more like the size of a pre-dessert – but it was delicious. 

Swift and delicious with three well-executed courses, this is what it was. 

When? October 2 2021
Where? Roganic, UG08 Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Pineapple tomato with smoked blue mussel and dill
Drink? 2015 Cantina Bambinuto Vendemmia Greco di Tufo DOCG

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