Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sai Kung Staycation

It’s probably not the best time to open a new hotel, but at least in Hong Kong with people thirsting for anything just to get away from home, hoteliers can count on staycation goers filling the rooms for the time being. And plenty of them, as we found out a few weeks ago when we checked in to the new WM Hotel in Sai Kung for a quick weekend getaway. 

We went on a Sunday afternoon as that’s the only day available, which turned out to be great since we could escape from the weekend crowd both inside the hotel and in the Sai Kung town nearby. There’s still a line at check-in but it’s short and within 15 minutes we managed to get our keys. The hotel is located slightly off the town center of Sai Kung and right by the sea with two separate low rise towers. We didn’t manage the book the most sought-after sea-view room but the room facing the driveway side (they called that the green view) was not bad especially during night time it hardly made a difference with the streets dead quiet by then. 

The room was spacious in Hong Kong’s standard and I love the minimalist décor with a natural color scheme. It certainly helped with this still fairly new at the time we visited and there’s still a hint of “new wooden furniture” smell lingering. The bathroom with both shower booth AND bath-tub was certainly a bonus, plus the “atomized” glass wall (those that would blur itself at the switch of a button) was fancy. Some rooms even came with a private roof, balcony or garden – we would definitely like to check those out next time especially during the warmer season. 

The infinity pool, located on the roof-top, was one of the talked-about feature of the hotel, stretching over 75 meter long and overlooking the sea with the blue sky and greenery from the nearby islands as the perfect backdrop for photos. I ain’t brave enough to get a dip when it’s only 20C out there, but it didn’t stop a few from trying, just to get that perfect Instagram post. My only complaints about the pool were the lack of deck chairs and the suspension of jacuzzi. For latter it’s obviously not their fault, but what’s wrong with them for just putting 3 chairs in a beautiful deck area? 

The hotel designer must have taken the cue of those Japanese-style hotels in putting a chapel within the hotel premise, obviously not for conducting the Sunday mass but for weddings. The glass façade did make another perfect spot for photo-taking. While the “hardware” make this the great place for a getaway (especially when travelling aboard is not an option these days), I just wish they have a better F&B offering. The Cafe@WM, their only outlet, looked like an university canteen with the food that matched. We did regret wasting our calories and time having breakfast at their jam-packed cafeteria space in the morning with something an average cha chaan teng would have done a better job for.  

The hotel is slightly off from Sai Kung town center but it’s only a leisure 15 minute walk along the seaside promenade. With the F&B offering lacking within the hotel, we did make a relaxed stroll to town for a quick bite at night and the next day before we checked out. Wish we could stay longer, and if so, we would definitely want to explore more of the neighborhood or even the nearby islands and villages. 

So for me, yes for the decor, for the neighborhood scenery and for the feeling of really getting away, but best to come during summer when one could really swim in the pool (and give the team some time to run in) and definitely make plan to eat elsewhere. 

When? October 24 2021
Where? WM Hotel, 28 Wai Man Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
Web: WM Hotel: 

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