Thursday, July 7, 2022

Second in a Row

I had a few sushi meals in the same month, but none better than the one at Sushi Shikon. The missus requested eating at this place as the official celebration dinner - same as what we did last year - so there it was for the second in a row. 

The 10pm dine-in rule was still in place at the time of our visit and we opted for the later seating which started at 8:15, but Chef Kaki-san managed the serving pace right on and we never felt hurried and rushed working through the many courses we were served in the evening.

I am always impressed by Chef Kaki-san's otsumami offerings, and this evening we started off with something interesting, with the pieces of young shako (mantis shrimp) served with yuba (tofu sheet) and topped with Kristal caviar. The umami flavor from the caviar complimented the delicate mantis shrimp well. The piece of Madai (sea bream) was served after marinating briefly in salt water and served with a dab of the seasonal konoko (sea cucumber roe/ovaries) on top. Of course I didn't expect less from their abalone course with a generous piece of kuro-awabi slow-steamed and served with the decadently rich liver sauce on the side. 

The couple pieces of wild spring katsuo with its mild flavor but delicate texture was served with sake jelly mixed with green onions, ginger and shiso flower. And lastly, amadai (tilefish) grilled with just salt as seasoning highlighting the true flavor of the fish and served with a dab of grated radish on the side.  

The sushi courses followed the classic order of serving, starting off with sumi-ika (cuttlefish), kinmedai (goldeneye snapper) and at the end, anago (seawater eel) roll as the 8th and last piece. Generally speaking, the neta by Kaki-san is on the richer side, often with a brush of sauce on top before serving with the shari milder and lukewarm.  This evening, I thought the Kohada (gizzard shad) and Aji (horse mackeral) both deserved special mention. I also enjoyed the anago futomaki with takuan (pickled radish) with the right balance of acidity and crunchy texture. 

Ordered a bottle of sake from their wine menu. Nice balance, with nice aroma of fruits, rounding off a memorable evening of birthday celebration at a restaurant we are always happy with. 

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When? May 14 2022
Where? Sushi Shikon, Level 7, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen's Road Central
Menu Highlights? Kohada and Aji
Toyobijin Tokugin Aiyama Junmai Daiginjo, Sumikawa Shuzo, Yamaguchi Prefecture
東洋美人播州愛山特吟純米大吟醸 - 山口県澄川酒造

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