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Wing, A Few Months Ago

This is a throwback post to one of the meals we had at Wing in recent months. Chef Vicky never failed to wow us with some of the best executed Chinese dishes in town no matter what occasion we came here for, and this time there's no exception when we came with a couple of friends. 

The series of appetizers was always impressive. We have had the Century Egg with Shirako here before, but this time, the century egg was presented in the golden version with the almost transcluent egg white and the runny yolk for a better contrast of flavor. Pork was one of the new dish of the evening, with the pieces of tender pork coming straight from the slaughterhouse just in the morning and prepared in the simplest manner, just poached and served with the traditional Puning soy bean paste. Stinky tofu was another new creation, combining the traditional street food of over-fermented tofu with Cantonese tiger prawn toast for the more complex textrure and hint of umami taste.

The hot and sour soup was just perfect for the weather, prepared with julienned mountain turtle “skirt”, pork, sea cucumber and woodear mushroom, and the soup base was enhanced by the grated lemon zest on top. The steamed threadfin with soybean was a tad too rich for me but the fish was perfectly done with silky texture.  We have had our fair share of hairy crab this season but this is the first time we had the baked version, with the meat carefully picked and stuffed in its own shell with the roes and baked – that surely was decadent. We had a double whammy of crab with the second course of braised e-fu noodles served with crab meat and egg-drop soup, done in classic Cantonese style.

Other dishes we had included the roast and smoked pigeon, vegetable casserole with hot and sour sauce and “stir-fried king” with local squids. I love the soothing dessert of hot almond sweet soup with lily bulb, the fried donuts with lotus seed paste and the sesame mochi.

We went with a pair of grower champagne and finished with a bottle of Burgundy red this time. Interesting to try two champagnes done in totally different styles (and varietals and vintages), both of which went well with the dishes in their own unique ways. Meanwhile, the Marsannay, elegant with nice red fruit characters and hint of smoke, worked nicely with the pigeon.

More photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/g4gary/albums/72177720312617886/

When? November 10 2023
Where? Wing, 29F, The Wellington 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Shirako and Golden Century Egg in Spicy Sauce
2018 Champagne Pierre Baillette Le Mont Ferre Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut
2000 Champagne Daniel Ginsburg Cuvee Sous Bois Brut
2020 Domaine Derey Freres Marsannay “Les Champs Perdrix”
Web: wingrestaurant.hk

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