Monday, May 14, 2007

best of the rest

finally, the final whistle's blown for the premier league, and spurs retained the unofficial title of being "the best of the rest" - placed 5th behind man utd, chelsea, liverpool and arsenal. and no more late-season blunder as we have seen for the past few seasons - that's a sigh of relief.

all in all it's been a decent run for spurs this season. it was quite a testing time for us as we were in the hunt for trophies til late stages and at the end we played almost 20 regular games more than last season. yet we have retained the consistancy in form and the attacking team's been superb all season long. definitely can't complain about being semi-finalist in league cup, quarter-finalist in both fa and uefa cups, and high finish in the league (plus qualification for uefa cup again!)

so here's my little tribute to all the great players that fought hard for tottenham hotspur this season. keep it up! we expect even more next year! and hopefully with the new broadcasting arrangement in hongkong with "now tv" i can watch even more of their games on tv. hurray!

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