Thursday, May 31, 2007

g for goodbye (for now)

this is not a tribute for a fallen (and risen) friend, as no words are enough to express how much he meant to us and how much we are going to miss him. so it's just to share some random thoughts at this speechless moment.

as one of my fellow bloggers (and friend) commented, the past weeks have been a shock, an emotional roller-coaster ride, a time of mixed feelings, sadness, hope, unity, friendship, mutual support and comfort and a time that we really depended on God and truly felt His presence and love and blessings. and He did answer our prayers. never thought of small and trivial things such as walking on the street or spending time with friends can be a true blessing in disguise.

from the first day i knew you, the day you broke out weeping in front of everyone during the alpha weekend, to this day, you've been an inspiration to me, touch us all in so many ways, and such a sensible, intelligent and cool dude to hang out with. true, during alpha weekend i did think you were such a wimp crying so loudly, but let's just leave that in history. even in the last few days, you never failed to amaze us with the spirit and will to fight on. it's an honor to call you a friend and a brother in Christ.

thank you, adrian, and btw, please tell God we say hi now that you see Him face to face.


Unknown said...

yes, we will meet again, in a much better place. thanks for reminding me about the alpha weekend ... i will never forget all these...

MOG said...

that's funny that you thought he weas a wimp when you saw him crying... haha... that made me laugh... he was such a natural although he hated crying in public (and for some reason, I was very good at making him cry!)