Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dom Perignon Part 2

Of course no one's going to say no to free-flowing champagne on a Sunday afternoon, let alone recent vintage of Dom Perignon. And that's what many of us got to enjoy with more food and drink on a recent weekend, when Ritz-Carlton re-launch their Sunday brunch at Ozone on top of the hotel at Level 118. After my Dom Perignon x On Dining dinner last month, consider this the sequel.

It was always fun coming up here enjoying the aerial view of our city, but unfortunately on this particularly Sunday, we only got a partial view as the sky was covered in smog. But never mind, we very much enjoyed the view on the level of our restaurant instead, with endless array of dishes on the tables stretching from one end of the restaurant to the other.

While we were sipping on our first of many glasses of Dom Perignon 2006, I started with the seafood station near to our table. Well we living in Hong Kong were used to the sumptuous display of seafood items at the buffet table in all hotels around town, but the one here still drew much exclamation with everything from prawns to lobsters to crab legs, clams, mussels, oysters, and crabs, all piled up in a mini mountain of sort. (It did get to the level of being gluttonous but man, they were delicious)

Right in the middle of the restaurant was the carving station, where Joselito jamon iberico was being sliced and served by the professional carver. I wouldn't envy the job of having to stand there the entire time cutting the ham into thin slices to serve, but bravo for his excellent service in feeding us with the outstanding ham. I could have just a few plateful of that and a few sips of champagne to go with and went home happy (and I ended up having 10 times of that)

On the other side of the restaurant was the live cooking station serving egg to order, and further back there were a selection of grilled meat. I only wish I had more room to try those. Right by the bar across two tables were a spectacular display of desserts, from a refrigerator-load of icecream bars, to bite-sized choux and macarons and chocolate truffles, to tiramisu, Paris-brest, and a few types of tarts and pies.

I came to try their Sunday brunch before and loved it, and think of this as an upgraded version in terms of food offering. If you allow yourself loose every now and then in terms of indulging in excessive amount of food and drink, this is the perfect occasion to do so, and you won’t regret about it I promise. Thanks Dom Perignon team for hosting us for an amazing weekend afternoon!

When? May 7 2017
Where? OZONE Bar at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, Level 118, International Commerce Centre, West Kowloon, Hong Kong
Drink? 2006 Champagne Dom Perignon

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