Friday, June 14, 2019

Indian in Macau

Golden Peacock fits the bill when we wanted to look for something different to try whilst spending the weekend in Macau recently. Indian cuisine is not something we normally go for in this town but the Michelin star that they have been keeping for a number of years did make me curious how their food would fare.

The restaurant is just across the street from where we stayed this time, right inside The Venetian Macao, and it did take us some time to find it, hidden in one of the quieter corner of the gigantic hotel/shopping complex. We went on a Sunday afternoon and for lunch, the food is served buffet style. It’s packed with mainly families, and unsurprisingly, tourists. The décor was typical of any Indian restaurant in town except it’s more spacious, with a long bar on one side plus the large kitchen at their back, visible through the windows.

One really couldn’t fault the selection of food, especially for the price they are charging. On one side at the bar counter was the long lines of appetizers – salad, pickles and so on. And in the middle were the hot dishes – all kinds of curries and stew, plus grilled items and soups. Then on the other side were the sweets section - yes, there were more than just gulab jamun. And this being all-you-can-eat means we got to sample a little bit of everything including some of their signature dishes.

There were a few items that I enjoyed – the pickles and sauces were well-made, especially the raita that went well with the papadom crisps. I probably wouldn’t have picked tandoori zucchini if it weren’t offered at the buffet table but I love the flavor and the texture – that came from someone who didn’t even like zucchini in the first place. Haha! The mango prawn curry was mild in heat but loaded with herbal flavor from the curry leaves put in.

The only thing served at the table was the naan bread, said to be made fresh a la minute at the oven inside the kitchen. But I thought it was disappointing – by the time it reached our table it’s already cold and started to become soggy. We were spoiled with decent Indian food at our clubhouse and this was far away from what we were used to. I guess in a way the same could be said about the food here – “good for value” I will give it to them, but a Michelin star? Hardly convincing. Perhaps their fancier dinner menu would prove me wrong, but then I simply need a very strong reason to ever want to come all the way back to find out myself.

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When? May 19 2019
Where? Golden Peacock, Shop 1037, The Venetian Macao, Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Cotai, Macau
Menu Highlights? Mango Prawn Curry

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