Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Simple Italian Brunch

Every time we eat out has become a special occasion now that we could only do that twice a week, on weekends during the day. A few weekends ago we went back to our old favorite for something simpler at Giando at Star Street district.

Weekend brunch at Giando has always been popular with its long spread of antipasto dishes at the buffet counter plus no nonsense, family-style Italian cooking which have its solid fanbase. With the pandemic, they switched the buffet to a choice of starter dishes to be served at the table instead, but with no compromise on the portion and quality. 

And so that’s what we started with – six different appetizers shared by the two of us. Of course, classic dishes like Burrata and Tomatoes, or Ham and Melon, or the tiny anchovies served on a bed of olive oil were always great, but we also enjoyed the warm and fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese and grated black truffles, which we thought was the perfect brunch dishes to start our day with. 

We swore just those appetizer courses would have made a sumptuous meal on their own, but we also had a choice of main courses as part of their brunch menu. I went for a comforting bowl of rigatoni tossed with sausage ragout, broccoli and cacio ricotta. Nothing too fancy, but just what I expected for the comforting flavor using the simplest combination of ingredients. Same with the dessert of tiramisu and a couple scoops of vanilla ice-cream, both of which I loved. 

The term "小確幸" (a borrowed Japanese term which first appeared in a Haruki Murakami novel) has become a popular Chinese saying, which loosely translated as little things in life that would make you feel happy or content. I guess for us on this very day, such feeling came from that dish of creamy burrata and just-ripe tomatoes with generous drizzle of olive oil on top. 

When? August 9 2020
Where? Giando Italian Restaurant and Bar, G/F Starcrest, 9 Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong 
Menu Highlights? Puglia Burrata and Italian Tomatoes

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