Saturday, November 28, 2020

Annual Ritual

A visit to Sabatini is always a good idea especially during the white truffle season with their special tasting menu by Chef Claudio. And I was glad the restaurant (and hotel) was re-opened just in time before the end of the prime season for the treasured ingredient. 

Of course, the highlights were always the dishes served with white truffles carefully shaved on top at the table by the chef and staff. And that’s exactly how we started, with a simple dish of scrambled eggs and white truffles. The golden yellow, creamy and soft eggs worked perfectly well with the aromatic truffles coming from a gigantic piece – well, size didn’t matter much in terms of aroma nor taste but it’s still spectacular to see such a rare piece that was just jetted in from Piedmont. The tagliolini was another dish we enjoyed, with the housemade pasta served with the white truffles and a simple butter sauce. It’s gorgeous for something so straight forward. 

In between the truffle courses we also had a few without. Burrata and tomatoes plus Iberico ham served with lemon was the safe choice for cold appetizers, and I enjoyed the cavatelli with Sicilian red prawns and cherry tomatoes for the right flavor plus the bouncy texture from the handmade pasta. Veal was our main course this evening, with the fatty loin cut cooked just right with the pinkish center served with a splash of meat jus, mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side, and the white truffles. The fat meat and truffles worked reasonably well together. 

But for a match truly made of heaven, it has to be the ice-cream with white truffles for the double whammy dose of white truffle mixed into the custard before churning, and the scoop was served with more shaved truffles on top. Light, creamy and aromatic. So satisfying that we decided to take this as our final course and skip their signature dessert tray. 

(Meal was by invitation)

When? November 20 2020
Where? Sabatini Ristorante Italiano, 3/F The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon
Menu Highlights? Classic Egg Tagliolini in butter sauce and white truffles

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