Sunday, November 1, 2020

30th Anniversary Menu

"30 years, really?" I only realized Golden Leaf and Conrad Hong Kong is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year when I was at the restaurant for a dinner tasting the other night. They even came up with a special tasting menu for the occasion, which was the one we tried this time. 

The menu was said to be based on some of the signature dishes over the years at this restaurant known for classic Cantonese cooking, re-interpreted by Chef Wan and his team to give them a contemporary touch. We started with the appetizer platter with four different mini dishes. The abalone was served chilled and sliced and I like its texture and rich flavor. The crab claw was done in the classic way – steamed and sauteed and served with the fluffy scrambled egg white underneath. This time, chef garnished the dish with shaved black truffles for some added aroma. The dish arrived piping hot with the crab claw cooked just right. 

The taste of the Hot and Sour Piquant Soup reminded me more of the dipping sauce for fried wontons, more on the acidic side with the light rice vinegar than the classic Sichuan version which uses dark vinegar and heavier on the spices. It’s enjoyable and salivating, and worked well with the seafood in the soup.  

The beef course was another one I liked – with the wagyu tenderloin sliced thin, dipped in a thin batter and deep-fried. I like the rich meat flavor in the leaner cut, but still with the tender texture. Their namesake fried rice towards the end of our meal was another signature dish of the restaurant, done in the same way as it’s always been. 

I was looking forward to the dessert of baked sago pudding when I first saw the menu. It’s always been my favorite dish and good ones were hard to come by these days. This is well-made especially with the slightly charred “skin” on top and the soft chestnut puree in the center for the extra sweetness. 

No surprise they are still considered one of the best and most consistent in town after 30 long years. 

When? October 20 2020
Where? Golden Leaf at Conrad Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong 
Menu Highlights? Sauteed Crab Claw with Scrambled Egg White and Black Truffles
Drinks? 2017 Domaine La Manarine Cotes du Rhone 

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