Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dim Sum and More

Honestly we didn’t do much for our staycation at Conrad except getting the much needed rest, but we did drop by their Golden Leaf restaurant for a decent lunch on the first day. We hopped down to the restaurant, which is located at the basement level of the hotel, after we checked in and dropped our stuff. 

Having tried some of the Chef Wan’s signature dishes at my last visit a few months ago, I thought it would be good to check out some of the dim-sum dishes this time. The pan-fried rice flour rolls (cheung fun) with XO sauce and the deep-fried beancurd rolls were among the first to arrive soon after we put in the order. Both were very enjoyable especially they were piping hot when served. Was a bit disappointed by the siu mai (steamed pork dumpling) – with the menu description I was expecting a whole abalone be served on top of the dumpling, but instead it’s a tiny piece of sliced abalone, cut in diamond shape. Nonetheless, it’s a tasty siu mai. 

We then reached out for the a la carte menu and ordered a few more dishes. The Cantonese roast platter came with very generous portion with three different items on a plate. The skin of the suckling pig was super crispy and I also love the charred crust of their char siu, finished with a gentle brush of honey glaze. For some reasons I was craving for the classic stuffed crab shell and I liked its creamy texture with plenty of picked crab meat stuffed in the crab shell, baked with a creamy sauce and the golden bread crumb crust. Thought we could do with one more vegetarian dish, and the steamed beancurd rolls with mushrooms and vegetables was decent – similar to the dimsum dish we had earlier but steamed instead of deep-fried, and with a different filling. 

We were too stuffed to order any dessert, but upon returning to our room, we were delighted to see some snacks served in a pewter dimsum basket on our table, courtesy of their hospitality team. The mini egg-tarts and walnut cookies were just the perfect nibbles to complete our lunch. 

When? April 17 2021
Where? Golden Leaf at Conrad Hong Kong, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Cantonese Roast Platter

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