Thursday, May 27, 2021


I loved my meal at 208 Duecento Otto when I ate there late last year so I didn't mind "trekking" there for another dinner a couple of weeks ago. I am still amazed why it took 10 years since they first opened before my first visit but I am glad it didn't take me that long to return. 

Not much has changed in terms of menu but we did manage to have a few new dishes this time. The barrel-aged Negroni prepared by their bar manager Matteo is always a good thirst quencher in such hot weather, along with the slices of Porchetta pizza available as their seasonal offering, with slices of roast pork, mozzarella in the tomato sauce and the salivating bagna cauda. 

Seated down at the table upstairs for more dishes, we began with a few appetizers served in generous portions. The Carrozza was my favorite last time and it still is, with the combination of creamy cheese, black truffles and anchovies as filling in a fried toast. That's the dish I don't mind having as breakfast any day. I love the Sicilian red prawns with burrata combo too, with the fresh flavor and colorful presentation. That's the type of refreshing appetizer perfect for summer time.  

We moved on with a few plates of pasta. I like the bouncy texture of the pappadelle (that went with the lamb ragout with artichokes) but this time I love the wagyu meatball sauce which was served with chitarra pasta more. The marinara risotto was one of the new dishes they had, and it came with generous portion of seafood (shrimps, scallops, mussels and squid) and just a touch of acidity in the creamy risotto. 

We shared two main courses among the four of us. The black cod was always delicious, baked en papilotte in a pan covered with pizza dough, and the pan-fried squids were nice too, served with the creamy sauce mixed with herbs in a shallow oval pan and fried potatoes for the homey flavor. 

No dessert this time as we need to rush off for another engagement, but the dinner was absolutely enjoyable. 

(The meal was by invitation and sponsored by the restaurant)

When? May 12 2021
Where? 208 Duecento Otto, 208 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Carozza, Breaded Deep-fried Mozzarella Cheese, Black Truffle, Anchovies, and Cauliflower
2019 Valle Moro Terre di Chieti Chadonnay IGP
2018 Ca' Rugate Campo Bastiglia Valpolcella Ripasso Superiore

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