Monday, September 5, 2022

BluHouse The Sequal

Just a month after my first visit to BluHouse, I returned for dinner, but this time at their more formal section called the "Dining Room" which opened its door in mid-July. 

It's probably more sensible to treat "The Dining Room by BluHouse" as a separate restaurant despite the shared name with its more casual counterpart right next door (and Chef Giovanni Galeota overseeing both restaurants). After all, the settings are different (a darker, cozier decor with clothed tables) and they even have a totally separate menu. 

We got a selection of dishes at our tasting dinner this time with a good representation of what they are offering at the restaurant, starting with starter, then pasta, a couple of main dishes and finished with desserts, all served in family-style. The veal tartare was presented in Piedmontese carne cruda style, with the hand-chopped milk-fed veal marinated wit minimal seasonings and topped with salad greens, the extra large capers, creamy buffalo ricotta cheese and a splash of olive oil. I like the refreshing tastes highlighting the original flavor of the fresh ingredients. 

The "cappelli" pasta was my favorite course of the evening. The pasta was handmade and carefully folded into a hat shape (hence the name cappelli which means hat), with the soft and fatty minced veal ragu filling. Served on top was the creamy sauce made with Montoro onions and provolone cheese, plus the large shavings of Tasmanian black truffles for the extra aromas and tastes. The second pasta course was risotto done in the most traditional manner with parmesan cheese mixed in with the rich quail ragu on top (plus more truffles - I ain't complaining)

We were served a third main course in addition to the two that were listed on the menu. The fish was prepared Mediterranean style, with the pieces of sea bass seared on the skin-side than served in a soupy sauce made with fish broth and potatoes, tomatoes, olives, lemon and thyme added in. The Veal Chop Milanese was perfectly done and served still hot and crispy with a nicely seasoned batter well coated on the tender bone-in veal chop. The steak was the extra course served, with the 1.3kg T-bone Scottona Chianina beef from Tuscany done in traditional Florentine style with anchovy dip and roasted garlic served on the side. I love the marbling texture of the meat while having a rich meaty flavor.

Last but not least, it's the chocolate and hazelnut semifreddo plus cheeses and petit fours - just good to finish the meal with considered the amount of dishes we had. Soave was a great white to start in the summer with nice floral aroma gripped with crisp acidity, and that's followed by a Barbera with notes of red fruits and good for everyday drinking. 

When? July 26 2022
Where? BluHouse, Rosewood Hong Kong, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Cappelli alla Genovese
2021 Suavia Soave Classico
2019 Diego Conterno "Ferrione" Barbera d'Alba

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