Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Dim Sum and Some More

I was at One Harbour Road at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong last month to check out a few new dimsum dishes by Chef Chan Hon Cheong. It has been a hectic (and rainy) day but glad to enjoy some quiet time with decent food.

We began with a pair of appetizer bites served side by side. The agar jelly with century egg and ginger was a good summer appetizer and I appreciate Chef Chan’s creativity in turning a common snack into something a little more fancy. The thick slice of char-siu was tender, warm and sweet with a slightly charred crust. The dimsum trio (called “One Harbour Road Dim Sum Garden”) were served in a porcelain steamer basket with three different items. The spicy fish dumpling was my favorite one, with the filling of diced Patagonian toothfish and shrimp mixed in Sichuan pepper sauce. Love that tingling spicy kick. 

Cooking en croute was not something commonly seen in Chinese cooking, but I thought it worked pretty well in this case, with braised sea cucumbers and pomelo skins served with abalone sauce in a bowl with a baked puff pastry top. The buttery pastry kept the dish warm and mixed well with the rich abalone sauce soaked in. The giant garoupa fillet was steamed and served in the “old-fashioned way”, with the splash of sweet soy sauce and braised julienned pork and porcini on top. I like the balanced taste from the soy sauce and the homey flavor overall. 

We continued with two more savory dishes, the Amaranth greens was blanched and served with woodear and snow mushrooms in fish broth, then the fried rice with pickled vegetables, charsiu and scallops. I always like their signature fried rice with the rice infused with beetroot juice (for the bright red color) and mixed with crispy rice for a mix of texture.  Dessert was also a mix of old and new, with the traditional green bean sweet soup, and then a pair of bite-sized cakes including one made with red bean and matcha, and another with pineapples and egg custard. 

Good to have found something to brighten up what was a crazy day filled with meetings and meaningless errands.

(Lunch was by invitation)

When? August 9 2022
Where? One Harbour Road, Level 8 Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai
Menu Highlights? One Harbour Road Dim Sum Garden

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