Saturday, October 1, 2022

Teppanyaki Fun

I didn't do Teppanyaki dinner as often as I have done before but my recent dinner at Crown Super Deluxe in LKF did bring about good memories of those days when my friends and I ate at a certain famous Teppanyaki chain on a weekly basis. While Crown Super Deluxe looks more like a rich, lavish cousin of that well-known chain which popularized the concept of Teppanyaki in the US, they did keep the relaxed and fun part in making sure every customer who dropped by had a memorable experience regardless of occasion. 

We - 8 of us - took up the whole section of their cooking counter during a recent dinner there with the longest tasting menu served. A few appetizers were served as we slowly settled, along with our choice of aperitif picked from the drink cart pushed over to our table by the staff. I did feel like it's an evening for single malt Japanese whisky so I started with Hakushu served neat. The Mizuna salad, sashimi and Tokushima fruit tomato (served with a pinch of sea salt) were all decent and worked well as the lead-in to the more substantial meat courses that followed. 

While we were eating, the ingredients used for the teppanyaki "show" were presented - including the spiny lobsters (still alive and kicking), and the 4 different kinds of steak cut (and the vegetables too - but of course we didn't care those as much) And after the brief introduction, chef began to fire up the habachi grill and started the food prep. The lobster was definitely the highlight of the evening, grilled with the shell-on then carved and served with the buttery coral sauce spooned on top. The piece of foie gras came in good size with the sides nicely grilled with the charred marks. 

The steaks were done in much fanfare with flambe and all, and served in two different rounds. My favorite was the A5 Kagoshima wagyu sirloin with the right balance of fat and meaty flavor done medium rare and served with the crispy garlic on the side. The carved bits from the steaks went into the bowl of fried rice and the lobster shell and head was turned into miso soup, which were our last savory courses. And the fun continues as we retired to the "smoking room" at the back, with a spectacular magic show and the three types of desserts we shared. 

(Dinner was by invitation and courtesy of Black Sheep Restaurants)

When? August 25 2022
Where? Crown Super Deluxe, Mezzanine Floor, LKF Tower. 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Sirloin a la Teppanyaki
The Hakushu Single Malt Japanese Whisky "Distiller's Reserve"
2018 Rene Bouvier Marsannay "Le Clos"
2019 Domaine de la Ferte Givry Premier Cru "Clos de la Servoisine"

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