Saturday, May 6, 2023

More Good, More Food

We love the idea when chefs Agustin, Ricardo and Matt joined force to do a one-night dinner event to raise fund for More Good. We came to know about this organization with the mission of helping the needy in Hong Kong by preparing nutritious meal-boxes from its kitchen venue in Chaiwan, and we have been helping out as volunteers once a month to help with food preparation and packing. So we are more than happy to lend our support in any way we could, and even better, got a “free meal” out of it. 

It’s no better venue in this part of the neighborhood in Chai Wan for an event such as this – the vast kitchen space normally used for meal box preparation was spacious enough for chefs to work, with the patio perfect for the grill to fire up, and the dining area well decorated for a cozy evening that we all enjoyed over food and drinks. We have enjoyed the food by the chefs individually – Agustin at Ando, Ricardo at Mono, Matt at Yardbird and Mike for the volunteer meals at More Good – but it’s the first time we had the dinner by them four working together for an unique menu making use of many local ingredients. 

All the dishes were unlike what they normally serve at their individual restaurants but have their personalities written all over it. The traditional tostadas replaced the blini for our caviar course – thanks to the purveyor Nomad for their sponsorship – along with all the usual condiments. Such a fancy presentation. We continued the theme of sea flavor with the series of raw and cooked seafood served on a tiered tray. The razor clams served with a brush of Romanesco sauce were spot on with bright flavors (and we even loved the pickled cucumbers that were served as garnish underneath). 

I think most at the dinner would agree the Ma Yau was the best of the evening. The fillet from the dry-aged threadfin fish was grilled over binchotan charcoal and served with chives, potatoes tossed with chimichurri sauce on the side. The dry-aging intensified the flavor and firmed up the meat and the dark chimichurri sauce worked well with the smoky flavor. The hot and sour soup was a surprise – the base broth was a flavor bomb with many kinds of seafood added to the umami flavor, and the chilies gave it a nice kick. Then there was the baby corn, charcoal-grilled for the smoky, distinct Latin American hint and some acidity to balance. Such complicated flavor profile in a small bowl – so good that I had to ask for refill, which they happily obliged. 

We saw Chef Mike (the head chef at More Good) preparing the pork belly on the grill at the patio when we came in so we knew that’s what we would have for main course. And it was perfectly done with the right fattiness (from the local Hong Kong Heritage Pork), juicy and tender. It’s served anticucho style with slices of pineapples underneath, also done on the charcoal grill to highlight the sweetness. So simple yet so good. I felt the final savory course of rice is like a crossover between Risotto, Paella and Bo Jai Fan (Cantonese claypot rice) with the rice done in a pot over a rich broth and mixed with sauteed mushrooms on an iron pan right before serving. It’s on the soupy side (like a risotto), cooked soft (like how we did at home) with a crust underneath (like Socarrat).

We finished in Latin American style with the dessert of flan served with Dulce de Leche syrup and banana. Definitely on the sweet side but I love the combination of the wobbly caramel flan and the slices of ripe bananas. The dinner came also with the luxury of drinks pairing with the team at Sunday’s Distribution working behind the bar. Love the few Italian wines that were poured and the cocktails, especially the Flagrant Paloma with Tequila, Grapefruit and Agave. That’s perfect to go with the Latin American flavor. 

What an evening to do good, and feel good. And special shout out to the chefs and the team at More Good who put this all together, and for everything they have done to make this world a slightly better place. We are just happy to ride along in this journey. 

To learn more about More Good and find out ways you can contribute to their cause, please visit their website:

When? April 23 2023
Where? More Good, Unit A, 5/F Sum Lung Industrial Building, 11 Sun Yip Street, Chaiwan
Menu Highlights? Ma Yau, Binchotan Grilled Dry-aged Fish, Chimichurri
(More Good)

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