Monday, May 22, 2023

Polmard Beef Dinner

There's no surprise beef was the main theme of the menu at my recent dinner at Ami with Alexandre Polmard flying in from France and be the co-host with Chef Nicolas Boutin. 

The 6th-generation butcher Polmard is synonymous to top-quality beef with their unique approach of raising the cattle and treating the meat. At this 2-day event we were able to sample quite a few of their meat products prepared in a number of ways by the great kitchen team at Ami.

We began with the simple steak sando served with brioche toast and melted raclette. Meat was done rare with balanced fatty flavor. "Eat it with your hands, like a maki" was what Alexandre suggested when he came over to introduce the Pave Nacre course in which the beef rump was served 2 ways with a generous quenelle of Kaviari Oscietre caviar. Using our hands, we just wrapped the beef tartare with slices of dried cured beef slice then topped with the caviar to eat. The different preparation gave the meat slightly different textures and flavors combined for a sumptuous taste in every bite. 

The third course was similar to the previous one but using tuna tartare instead and served with nori crisp on the side. A notch down in intensity but with a nice hint of mineral flavor. We continue with the "surf n turf" theme with the next course, this time, pairing Andouille sausage with scallops. The sausage was gently cooked with nice gamey flavor, and the scallop cooked mi cuit and dressed with a dark vinaigrette sauce. 

We had charcoal-grilled chuck steak as our main course. Served rare with just a pinch of salt as seasoning, and I love the rich meaty flavor from the meat that has been aged for 8 weeks to tenderize (in texture) and intensify (in taste). That lived up to every bit of the high expectation from Polmard Beef. We also enjoyed the potatoes served on the side, roasted whole with just herbs and salt. 

A few sweet courses were served towards the end of our meal, including the traditional Trou Lorrain with Mirabelle (plum) sorbet served with a splash of Mirabelle eau de vie on top of the soft mature cheese. I also loved the Dacquoise that was served in sharing portion with sweet butter cream as filling. 

My friend and their sommelier Sebastien came up with two excellent pairings for our dishes in a rather interesting order. After the glass of Aperol Americano as aperitif as we walked in, we began with a Burgundy red for the appetizer then a champagne for our main courses. The champagne came from one of my favorite growers made using 100% pinot meunier - rich and lively, floral on the nose and ripe citrus and hint of red fruits, went surprisingly well with the acidity cutting through the fatty meat and rich flavor. 

(Dinner was by invitation and based on a special menu) 

When? May 3 2023
Where? Ami, Shop 302, Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Paleron Grille: Charcoal Chuck Steak, Noirmoutier Grenaille
2019 Domaine de la Vougeraie Nuit St Georges Premier Cru "Clos de Thorey" Monopole
Champagne Egly-Ouriet Les Vignes de Vrigny Premier Cru (Assemblage Base Vendange 2017, Disgorged Nov 2021)

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