Sunday, September 24, 2023

Jade at Fullerton

We made our way to the south side one evening to visit the new-ish Fullerton hotel with dinner at one of their restaurants. The setting of the property was perfect for a family staycation with ocean park and water world just steps away with unobstructed sea view featured in most of the guest rooms. Meanwhile, there were plenty of options available as far as food and beverages was concerned, including the Chinese restaurant Jade, the one we tried this time.

The setting was formal but not too uptight, with one side of the dining area facing the ocean and the promenade by the sea downstairs. The "Abalone Tasting Menu" was the one we were served this time with a few courses of classic Cantonese style dishes. 

We began with the appetizer platter - the chilled vinegar-marinated cherry tomatoes were refreshing and salivating, perfect for the hot summer, while the suckling pig was served with mashed shrimp paste underneath for the nice combination of crispy and bouncy textures. 

Steamed crab claw and braised abalone was both traditional dishes in Cantonese banquet-style menu and both were well-prepared. I liked the wok-fried "crunchy vegetables" served towards the end of our meal, with asparagus, snap peas and lotus roots stir-fried with figs adding to a hint of sweetness.  

We went with the non-alcoholic option this time, with the house-made sparkling cold brew tea made with local honey and infused with rose and jasmine tea leaves gave a nice refreshing touch to our dinner.  

The restaurant reminded me a little of the old Yue Restaurant in City Garden Hotel North Point under the same group which we liked, with the similar style of food served and casual setting. With the place only 20 minutes away from home by car, I could definitely see this as a place we would come back every now and then if we wanted something easy and breezy.  

(Dinner was by invitation)

When? August 8 2023
Where? Jade, 2/F The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel, 3 Ocean Drive, Aberdeen
Menu Highlights? Steamed Fresh Crab Claw and Bean Curd in Superior Broth

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