Saturday, September 9, 2023

Second Getaway

I went on a second trip to Macau in as many weeks this time courtesy of the PR team of MGM Resorts. While the main purpose of the trip was to attend a special lunch reception on the next day at MGM Cotai (details to be posted later), I did spend some time touring around the hotel and its sister property MGM Macau and had a very relaxing 2-day journey. 

Check-in was a breeze despite the hotel being packed with people when I arrived in the afternoon. And they put me up in a suite on the high floor with a great open-air view of the western part of Cotai and a few other new resorts in the backdrop. The decor, space and amenities were what you would expect from a similar high-end property in Macau, including an in-suite steam room which was definitely a bonus. 

The combination of antiques and art collection was what stood out from the others, starting from the MGM Cotai lobby where a number of rare imperial Qing carpet was prominently displayed, some dated back to 18th-19th Century. Then there's the more modern pieces on exhibit including the Valkyrie Miss Dior by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos and works by the late Hsiao Chin, combining Chinese abstract art with modern technology. There were more inside MGM Macau too, including the famous sculpture piece by Salvador Dali inspired by Alice in the Wonderland. 

Bar Patua hidden next to the hotel lobby paid tribute to the unique Macanese east-meets-west culture (Patua is a dialect unique to Macau with a mix of Portuguese, Malay and Cantonese) Some of their signature drinks stayed true to the fusion style, like the namesake cocktail served with Local Baiju, Shanghainese gin, Portuguese port and Southeast Asian spices. We all had a great time chilling with a few drinks after dinner. 

Had breakfast next day in the comfort of my suite. I often opted for full western breakfast (egg sunny-side up and pastries are often my breakfast of choice), but this time my favorite was the side order of fried noodles - one can't ask for a better version of this street style breakfast staples with the fluffiest threads of noodles served in generous portion. 

Escaping from the scorching heat I decided to hit the pool in early morning right before lunch. It was surprisingly not packed at all, and I felt like doing a few lap in this rather picturesque pool was just what I needed to burn off a few calories from all the eating and drinking over the trip. 

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