Monday, August 6, 2007

burning the midnight oil

three in the morning. sitting in the office. sipping instant coffee in my cubicle. fighting off sleepiness and keeping the fingers crossed.

my uneventful weekend ended with a trip back to office on sunday night/monday morning to make sure some i.t. maintenance work goes smoothly. hopefully by dawn i can go home and get some sleep after verifying everything's fine.

but on my way to work, i heard this song on the radio:

"the splendor of a king, clothed in majesty,
let all the earth rejoice,
all the earth rejoice...
he wraps himself in light, and darkness tries to hide,
and trembles at his voice,
trembles at his voice...
how great is our god, sing with me
how great is our god, and all will see
how great, how great is our god..."

then i suddenly reliase how little did i acknowledge his greatness in everything that i came across. when i look at wonderful things, and when life's been treating me favorably, it's easy to give thanks to god for them. but how about just driving safely on the road, or the fact that i can spend the weekend quietly and enjoy the time with friends? did i just take those for granted?

the midnight stay in office turns out to be a perfect time for reflection, to think of those small things that i am blessed with and should be thankful for. maybe i should keep on singing and praising how great is our god...


MOG said...

Not to mention this is Adrian's favourite song and the one we sung at his funeral... this song always makes me a bit emotional about Adrian and to remember how grateful we should be for everything.

gary s said...

the song's certainly a good reminder of who's really in control of everything and that God always have the best plan for you... came at the perfect time as i was whining and complaining to myself while driving to work in the middle of the night.

Unknown said...

i knew MOG would have written comments on this message. Yes, this song also reminds me of A. My question for G though is - how come you had time to reflect while doing an overnighter?! Weren't you supposed to be WORKING rather than reflecting on issue like this?!

gary s said...

i just need to sit there, check a couple of things and make sure they are in right order. since everything went smoothly that "night" (morning to be exact), there's not much i needed to do la... =)