Friday, August 17, 2007

zagat survey

outside of the michelin guides, zagat survey is perhaps the most dependable source of restaurant reviews and ratings. unlike michelin where ratings are determined by a panel of "inspectors", zagat survey's based on feedback from diners (ie you and me!). the ratings were published on a 30-point scale on each of the 3 categories, covering food, decor and services - getting a 28 or above on food is almost as difficult as getting a 3-star from michelin.

well they are going to include hongkong restaurants for the first time, as part of their 2008 china restaurant & hotel guide (just in time for the olympics). and now it's the time to vote! go rate your best restaurant in town at (registration required) if you vote, i think they will send you a guide for free when it's published - that's how i got my boston one a few years back. you have until mid-september to do so.

though it's quite a surprise that they omitted one of the very fine restaurants on their voting sheet...

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大頭妹 said...

just discover your blog! thanks for the tip! will put in my ratings and get a free copy! that's how i have accumulated my zagat library :)