Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"a pain in the neck"

ah... can't get any worse than having a pain in the neck and cold, at the same time. not only i keep sneezing (because of the cold), i am having a hard time turning my head to fetch a kleenex when i do that (because of the neck pain)... at least it's already better than yesterday when i felt the pain even when chewing.

this morning i am going to see a chinese bonesetter (to get my neck fixed) and than a gp (to get my cold fixed), AND GO BACK TO OFFICE IN THE AFTERNOON! sigh.

if you have time, please spare me with a prayer for healing... thanks.

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大頭妹 said...

hey, i am doing chiropractic here too. its awesome for fixing neck and back problems. i guess bonesetter in hk does the same.
i know. a pain in the neck is really a pain in the neck...