Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Sunday Brunch

Seems like we have been going around checking out various Sunday brunch offerings in town lately (though it wasn’t our intention per se), but last weekend we did it again, this time at Potato Head in Sai Ying Pun. I have been back a few times already since they opened in the middle of last year, either for the proper sit-down meals at the trendy Kaum restaurant or just for a quick coffee and pastry at the café corner near the entrance.

The Sunday brunch menu was something new that they tried to bring lately, with a set menu consisting of small and large plates to share around the table, featuring some of the signature dishes at the restaurant. I know I know, Sunday brunches were a dime a dozen these days, but I thought Kaum offers something different. Instead of the predictable avocado toast, stacks of pancakes, or dare I say, all day breakfast with eggs cooked in every way you could imagine, the brunch at Kaum stayed true to their Balinese tradition that the place was known for, using all these spices with bold flavors, presented as family-style dishes.

We began with a series of “small plates” of hot and cold dishes, with a few snacks in bite-sized portions. The Ayam Kampung Berantakan was by consensus our favorite, with the pieces of chicken marinated with spices and pan-fried, then topped with garlic, fried curry leaves, shredded oyster mushroom and toasted coconut flakes. Not spicy at all, but punchy combined with the hint of sweetness in the crispy toasted coconut flakes spread on top. I loved the Batagor dumplings last time I was here, and this time was the same, with ground prawn and mackerel mixed with spices, then wrapped, deep-fried and served with the addictive cashew nut sauce, scallions and coriander.

Just as we finished our appetizers, more food arrived. Though they were labelled “Large Plates”, they were not much bigger than our “Small Plates” courses (though you could order re-fill as you like). But turned out their portion was more than sufficient for us (to the extent we almost had to skip dinner afterwards). The baby suckling pig was among them the most impressive course, with the skin was spot-on crispy and meat super tender and well-infused with spicy flavour. I personally found the nasi goreng a tad bit too hot for my palate, but it tasted good with the super-rich and almost-pungent shrimp paste.

Dessert was of tropical style, with a simple butter cake served with pineapple preserve, thin slices of burnt pineapples, lemon curd, and a scone of mango icecream on the side. I am biased towards everything pineapple and mango so obviously I enjoyed it. The menu also offered the free flow beverage option – of course, a glass (or in my case, a few glasses) of mimosa worked in every situation on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or if you prefer something more of a kick, the Indo Bloody Mary was wonderful too.

I have to admit I am more of a traditional person as far as weekend brunch is concerned (can't live without eggs!), but I definitely don’t mind something for a change every now and then, and with such laid-back ambiance and tasty dishes (plus all the beautiful crockery tableware), that’s a good reason for us to trek over here some time again soon.

(Meal was by invitation)

When? February 5 2017
Where? Kaum at Potato Head Hong Kong, 100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Babi Guling – Roasted boneless baby pig marinated with Balinese style spices

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