Saturday, November 13, 2021

Solo Sushi Lunch

My sudden sushi cravings led me to a rare solo weekday lunch appearance in Central. I walked by Sushi Ima a few times previously so I was curious to give it a shot. 

The setting was typical of a sushi-ya with the long wooden counter plus a couple tables at the back. Me being the lone diner and got my booking last minute meant I was seated at the corner of the counter closest to the door - I wasn't bothered as that still give me a good view of the chef's action behind the counter. Their lunch menu features not only sushi but sashimi and other cooked dishes as well - but I went straight for the premium omakase sushi set.

From what I heard the sushi chefs here inclined towards ingredients of richer flavor, and that's evident when the first piece served after the salad and chawanmushi was kinmedai (goldeneye snapper), known for its fatty flesh. The next courses of shimaji (striped jack) and ishidai (striped beakfish) were not as rich as the first but still full of flavor. While they weren't the best I have had, they were enjoyable. 

I love the texture of shiro-ebi with the nice, creamy mouthfeel, minimal seasoning but with clean taste. After, hokkigai, we moved back to the richer pieces including toro (fatty tuna), sanma (Pacific saury) and buri (wild yellowtail). The seasonal sanma came in pretty decent size with good fatty taste. 

The mix of two kinds of uni (sea urchins - aka-uni and bafun-uni) came in generous portion and served nigiri style – not the one with the richest taste but certainly the size compensated for any shortcomings. I was served a few more pieces after that – most notably the seasonal sujiko, brined for the slightly firm texture. 

Overall, not spectacular but decent.

When? October 19 2021
Where? Sushi Ima, Manning House, 38-48 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Sanma and Sujiko Sushi

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