Tuesday, November 30, 2021

White Truffle Tasting Menu

Just at around this time every year, Facebook keep reminding me of the previous meals I had at Sabatini when the famous Alba White Truffles were in season. And I am glad that this year I got one more to add to the memory with another gorgeous dinner prepared by Chef Claudio and his team at this legendary restaurant at Royal Garden at TST East.

This year's white truffle season has been a challenging one but I am glad to see the restaurant still managed to secure a nice supply of this rare ingredient with reasonable size and quality. Not a lot have changed in terms of their white truffles menu over the years but Chef Claudio did introduce a few new ones along with the classics. 

Scampi was one of the newer dishes, with a generous piece of New Zealand scampi sauteed and finished with the rich porcini slices and creamy pumpkin puree. Of course, the best part of the dish was the prized white truffles carefully shaved on top by Chef Claudio. Love the texture of the scampi and the subtle umami flavor worked well with the unique aroma from the white truffles. 

But the more memorable ones were still those tried-and-true combinations. The scrambled eggs were perfectly done, rich, fluffy and moist with a piece of pan-seared Hokkaido scallop in the center. That and the white truffles were just the match made in heaven. When we asked what his favorite white truffle dish is, Chef Claudio pointed us to the egg tagliolini that he's serving us as he spoke. Reminded me of the classic Piedmontese tajarin with the same deep color made with extra portion of egg yolks, and it's simply done with a quick toss of butter sauce. I concurred that's probably my favorite of the evening too.

Our main course of the night was the veal loin served with meat jus, potato puree and more white truffles. The meat was roasted with the perfect pinkish color though I thought the white truffles worked better with the creamy and smooth potato puree rather than with the meat itself. 

Dessert cart was always part of the dining experience at Sabatini, and this time, other than a couple of sweets we picked from the trolley, we also went for the Mont Blanc served with a quenelle of white truffle ice-cream on the side (plus more white truffles on top). Can't go wrong with the hazelnuts and cream with white truffles for the true Piedmont flavor of the season. 

I was tasked with picking the wine for the group from their menu, and I went with a safe choice of a Barbaresco from a recent vintage, pairing wine and ingredient from the same region. Violet and Lavender on the nose with some subtle red fruits on the palate and not a lot of tannins, which suited the dishes well. 

Looked like this is going to be short white truffles season for me but I am glad to have added this to one of the handful white truffles meals I had this season. 

When? November 8 2021
Where? Sabatini Ristorante Italiano, 3/F The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Classic Egg Tagliolini in Butter Sauce with Alba White Truffles
Drink? 2015 Rizzi "Pajore" Barbaresco DOCG
Web: www.rghk.com.hk/en/dining/sabatini.php

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