Thursday, November 18, 2021

Sushi Encore

My last sushi lunch was decent but nothing close to spectacular, so I want to make amend with another sushi meal, this time at a more proper sushi-ya on my day off. I didn't think much of Sushi Nakamoto in my previous visit a couple years ago but with all the positive things our friends said about the place and its food, I thought I would re-visit to find out. 

The booking was made a couple months ago - that's about the average time people need to book in advance for anything half-decent. Nothing much has changed at this sushi-ya located on one of the busier side street in Central. We were seated at the far end of the wooden counter and served by one of their sous chefs. 

We went for the lunch omakase sushi set this time, with a dozen courses or so. Chef started with a few white fish - the kinmedai (goldeneye snapper) was excellent with nice fatty texture and the hirame (flounder) was mild in comparison but I like its clean taste matching well with the mildly seasoned shari. 

We went on with a pair of tuna. The Akami was briefly marinated in soy and has great, slightly bouncy texture and I also like the chutoro with the perfect fat balance, served with just a gentle brush of marinate. Shiroika (white swordtip squid) was presented in fan shape, delicately carved sitting nicely on top of the shari, and I love the hint of sweetness and the tender texture.

The Aji (horse mackerel) and Kohada (gizzard shad) were the highlights of the afternoon, with the former served with a dab of minced scallions and the latter, just a brush of brine liquid - both were exactly what I was looking for to deal with my sushi cravings. Going for the shorter omakase set meant less "premium" ingredients such as o-toro, uni or karuma ebi, but I did enjoy the shiroebi served as nigiri sushi with a mouthful of mild umami flavor. 

And to finish, the fatty katsuo (skipjack tuna) with excellent hint of charcoal smoke, anago (saltwater eel) with a generous brush of tare sauce, and kanpyo-maki (winter gourd rolls). This is one satisfying lunch and great valued too. I wasn't too keen on coming back after our last visit, but I love to be proven wrong this time. 

When? October 22 2021
Where? Sushi Nakamoto, G/F 16 Pottinger Street, Central
Menu Highlights? Aji and Kohada 

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