Thursday, August 4, 2022

Classic Set Menu

I felt pampered when I spent one evening eating at Cuisine Cuisine IFC inside one of their private rooms with a perfect harbor view. It's been a while since my last visit and this time, we were presented with their new set dinner menu, offered as part of their "Hong Kong Handover 25th Anniversary" promotion. 

The 8-course menu featured some of the classic Cantonese dishes including a few signature items by the Chefs Lee and Chau. We began with the appetizer platter, including the thick slices of char-siu prepared using Iberico Pork loin and finished with honey glaze. I also love the "vegetarian goose", the traditional dish of bean curd roll stuffed with julienned vegetables, slightly smoked with tea leaves for the rich flavor. 

Only a handful restaurants and chefs in town managed to make the crystal king prawn at the same level as the one here, with the piece of king prawn deshelled, specially carved and cooked in hot oil so the piece "puffed up" with a fine, bouncy texture. It was perfectly seasoned too - just with a pinch of salt and finished with a crystal glaze on top. 

The soup was served in rather generous portion, with the superior broth double-boiled with fins and ham inside a young coconut shell. I love the subtly sweet coconut flavor infused into the rich soup base - it was refreshing and soothing for the body and soul too I am sure, especially well-suited to counter the summer heat. 

Two main courses were served - first was the braised South African abalone with shitake mushrooms, then the sauteed Kagoshima wagyu tenderloin with peppers. The abalone was of the perfect size, cooked to the nice tender and bouncy texture with the rich gravy-like sauce.

Udon in soup was an usual dish in classic Cantonese menu but it was comforting with the noodles cooked and served with a milky-white fish broth with spotted garoupa fillet on top. We finished with three desserts, including the chilled coconut milk pudding with taro (think panna cotta but softer), osmanthus and mango jelly, plus the traditional steamed "birthday buns" with lotus seed paste filling. 

When? June 27 2022
Where? Cuisine Cuisine Central, Shop 3101-07, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Braised Dried Abalone with Shiitake Mushrooms

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